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Kleenco Effortless

Kleenco Effortless

  • Dissolves both water & oil based stains
  • Requires no mixing, ready to use
  • Safe for use an all types of water wettable surfaces, including stain resistant carpeting, upholstery clothing, and most fabrics
  • Soap-Free: Leaves no residue
  • Removes stains caused by grass, ketchup, blood, food, grease, oil, mascara, shoe polish & heavy soil
  • Info


  • Info

    A ready to use spotter, that requires no mixing, effortless deliveres maximum spotting efficiency.  Safe and gentel enough for use on delicate, stain resistant fibers, effortless is recommended for all spotting tasks, from traffic stains to messy food soils and grime collection oils.

    For carpeting, simply apply a generous amount to the stain, alllow time for the Effortless to penetrate, the blot up with clean absorbent toweling.  Use on any water-washable fabric that is color fast.

    Effortless is primarily a carpet spotter, but versatile enough for upholstry, and even laundry spot removal.  No need for a complicated spot removal kit.

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