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Carpet Brite

Carpet Brite

  • Low foaming & low alkaline cleaner
  • Designed for use in truck mount & portable extraction
  • Complex solution removes a wide variety of stains & soils
  • Exceptional results when used in spin bonnet cleaning


  • Info

    • Anti allergen formula
      • Instantly neutralizes alergens for good
      • Effective against dust mite, cockroach, pollen, mold, smoke & pet dander alergens
      • Derived from natural organic compounds
    • Dual surfactant system
      • Produces high surface activity
      • Works well for synthetic & natural floors
      • Temperature stable formula will not decompose at high temperaturews
      • Superior results in hot or cold water
    • Saves time with large soil particles and protein soils being easily removed with a single pass
    • Selected solvents reduce the surface tenstion of greases & oils
      • Effective cleaning at lower dilutions
    • PH balanced for safe cleaning
    • Protects agains sensitive machine parts
    • Carpets remain soft to the touch & stay clean longer
    • Clean, pleasant fragrance
    • Use for extraction or spin bonnet cleaning
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