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Kleenco Kitty Scram

Kleenco Kitty Scram

Absolutely the Best Odor Killer on the market. 

  • True odor neutralizer, not just a cover up
  • Designed to capture odors within 15 seconds
  • Stubborn odors are gone quick & won't return
  • Info

    • Destroys pet odors & common odors
    • Synergistic blend bond to the odor & encapsualte it, so you can't smell it anymore
    • Concentrated so you can dilute as you need & get the most out of your bottle
    • Water soluble
    • Compatible with other cleaning solutions
      • Add to Kitty Scram & get the most out of your cleaning
    • Versatile
      • Use as an air deoderizer, fabric refresher, in mop water, part of carpet shampooing, or in disaster restoration
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