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Kirby Brush Roll for Pet Owners

Kirby Brush Roll for Pet Owners

  • Developed to meet the needs of pet owners, this brush roll’s unique tuft pattern means 55% less hair entanglement than our regular brush roll
  • The cleaning channel makes removing any hair that does wrap around the brush roll even easier
  • Only hard woods like maple and beech are used for the body of the brush roll for extra durability


  • The Power of the Kirby Brush Roll

    One of the most important parts of your Kirby home care system is the Brush Roll. It has been precision engineered to loosen deep down dirt. The powerful suction of the cleaner then pulls these loosened particles from the floor and captures them in the filter system, leaving you with a clean, comfortable home.

    Over time, the bristles of the Brush Roll will wear down and the system will not clean as well. Unlike competitive systems, the Kirby Brush Roll has been designed with three height settings that allow the user to compensate for bristle wear. When properly maintained, it can provide years of service. And, when finally necessary, the user can easily replace the Kirby Brush Roll with a new one.

  • Fits:

    • G5
    • Gsix
    • UltimageG
    • Diamond
    • Sentria
    • Sentria II
    • Avalir
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