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Having a central vacuum system in your home is the easiest way to keep it clean and dust free.  The simplicity of use is one of the most popular reasons for having a central vacuum system (Just plug the hose in the wall & go). 

Central vacuum systems are known for having very little upkeep (No cords, no bags, no mess, no noise).   

A-1 Sewing and Vacuum Centers are the experts to rely on when learning, buying, installing and/or servicing a central vacuum system.


We have been providing central vacuum system sales & service for San Marcos & all of North County San Diego for over 35 years, and we make house calls.

Central Vacuum Maintenance

Easy & Practial

Maintenance for your central vac is simple!   The dust and dirt from every floor and room ends up in one place.  Disposal of the bag system is super easy and infrequent. 

Central vacuum systems are the most effective solution for allergens, because all of the dust & dirt are housed in a sealed containment system, so dust can't escape back into your home, making central vac the #1 choice for allergy sufferers.

For Care Free Maintenance, we are happy to provide expert service and maintenance plans. 

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